My East Africa(kenya) Expedition

One of the crazy,wild,stupid,irritating,humorous,adventurous,funny,mind blowing trips i have ever had in my lifetime.

Day 1 : We started our way to Kenya via dubai. I took every single precaution to keep my health safe but as obviously god played with my throat and i had severe infection in my throat. Just got into the flight and i was served ice cold drink L .

We got down at dubai at early morning. I Was so excited about this trip and I forgot the fact that I lost my sleep. There were Two sexy beasts standing at dubai airport. I Was so fascinated to see them than those ghosh biggy big dubai airport. Those two beasts were none other than Audi R8 and Porsche GT. My Friends took a pic with them and asked me to take one too but I was least bothered coz of some personal Factors (which my close friends knows). We went and roamed over few shops and got into the flight to Kenya. 4 hours passed and we go into Kenya finally. Airports are always irritating for me. They check check check my gear repeatedly asking same silly questions . “why this much cameras,lenses..,,”

every single airport I need to make them understand and move on. Kenyan customs people has asked me to open up my luggage coz my TRIPOD has scared them itseems. Just thought im carrying a weapon or so. Silly guys. Checked into my room now next problem started. We got hungry and we started thriving for Indian food without knowing the fact we gona suffer like beggars for next 10 days. We founded an Indian restaurant and had some smoothy food . Went in to sleep and next morning our driver sami came to pick us up.

Day 2 : We got into the van. We thought its just a local transportation.

Later we realized its where we gona dump in,sleep,rest,live for the next 10 days. The car was so bad in shape. We thought we gonna get screwed. Our Journey

begins J

We travelled in good roads for few hours. Then began the show. We started travelling in worlds worst roads ever . we asked the driver

“how long are we gonna travel in this road?”

He was very passionate to answer

“for the next 10 days”

I tot oh god. We travelled travelled travelled to masai mara that day. After some 6 hours we finally reached that place. We passed the official entrance gate and sami opened up the roof for us. We have seen a giraffe and we were so

excited I took too many shots. Sami gave us a smile saying

“don’t worry guys u will get bored with this giraffe in a day or two”

We got into keekorok lodge. One of the best places we ever stayed. After dumping in our luggage we took rest.

Day 3: Our safari begins. It was so spine chilling early in the morning . 16 degrees I guess. We went long long and we found a big pack of lions. Around 12 in number. It was against light and we were quite patient to get some good shots. As usual we were informed spotting a leopard was the delicate part. The journey began and we shot as many lions,elephants,monkeys, giraffes ,birds.

Day 4: we were so pissed with the buffet they offered. Only best thing we got there were pastas and omelets. Wow its heaven. The day went

on and on and our search for leopard was still going. We came across numerous animals and birds and we did click click and click. On the way back evening we got a call to sami about a leopard. We travelled some 80 kilo meters. It was so late but we couldn’t spot any leopard. That’s when I clicked that silhouette eagle pic and went into lions dent. Man that was an awesome moment. We just saw a single lion from a distance. When we went in damn it was 22 lions all over. I shot shot shot and took as many shots. One female lion gave a stare and I got scared I couldn’t watch her eyes through my lens. After an awesome moment we were returning back that’s when next terror moment was waiting for us.One lonely elephant came all alone. It came right in front of our track and our driver said. Lonely elephants are always dangerous its sure gona attack us. Like we thought it started running towards us. We had no place to get in other than the field. It stopped for a while confused us turning left and right. Then started running towards us. We somehow managed to turn our vehicle into near by field and escape. Man it was so scary and adventurous .

Day 5: We never know this is the day we gonna watch a leopard and screw few Americans J. Too many good things happened today. We did spot a leopard(though I didn’t get a good shot),we spotted a cheetah. Today is when I did click that cloning zebra,. We got down to shoot some rhinos and there was an English lady asking me .

“Who r u man? Wat r u carrying? Wat difference does itmake”

I did find time to explain abt my gear and where I was from she was like

“ oh my god u r Indian great pics man.”

I Was flying. It was such a joyfull moment.After we came back to lodge it was spine chilling. In the hotel lobby they showcased the MASAI DANCE. Their traditional dance.

Day 6 : we moved to Lake Nakuru. The journey started early in the morning. This time the road was far more worse than we ever thought. It took some 6 hours. Lake nakuru was a beautiful place for bird watching and rhinos. We watched some millions and millions of pink flamingos over the lake . It was such a soothing moment. Those birds are too intelligent. If humans gets some less than 100 feet closer they fly away to a safer distance(say 200 feet). This is where I shot much of bird pics. We were busy shooting and suddenly we had a call.


We did run towards the corner of the park and there was a leopard sitting and eating on the branches of a tree. Thankfully we got much of good shota at this time. We were forced to exit the place coz after 6 no one is supposed to stay at the lake. We came back to lodge and went to dinner. We saw a group of masai people performing some dance for us. Then we went to bed.

Day 7: We went to a place called monkey point. A top view where we can see maximum of the lake. I shot some pics over there and viewing through the peak is awesome. The birds looked like small insects. We came down and did shoot some bird pictures and also the rhinos(love).The whole place was dirty with bad smell.

We came back for lunch and took some rest. I Went for a leg massage hoping that it may be as great as Bangkok but I was thoroughly disappointed.Then our evening game drive began and we did shoot monkeys,deers, etc. After the drive they did perform local masai dance and we proceeded for the dinner.

Day 8: Day began and we started to mount Kenya. IT was hell a lotta distance. We travelled in far worlds worser roads. Mount Kenya is a traditional international resort owned by a Hollywood celebrity.Every room has direct view to the mount Kenya. The lodge was posh,mind blowing and too luxurious. There were no activity. There was a small orphanage for wild animals and they did teach about the habitants of all animals kept over there. People can also adopt an animal if they wish to. I Have a long time dream to adopt an animal but I preferred to do it in india. We went for a drive at the lodge and came back late. We were served a set meal along with masai dance.

Day 9 : we started early from the mount Kenya. We travelled to Ambosili (also called as mount Kilimanjaro) The initial roads was perfect. Very soothing roads. We did stop at a cultural shop to get some Kenya souvenirs . we purchased a lil and started our drive again. They did stop at Nairobi for lunch. We moved again to ambosili. Worst muddy roads. Our gear,dress everything was full of mud. Worlds crazy mud roads. We travelled near Tanzania border and took a left to move towards ambosili. Theres a volcano(silent volcano) for the past 25 years. We can even see ice settlements over the top. We can see those lawa stones all over the place. It was spread out as bits and pieces. There is a dry lake over there. Its just like a desert. The track formation due to vehicles form an interesting pattern. After much clicks we went into the worst ever rooms. It was a tent. Without current,much water facilities,drinking water,security ,phone or even a door. We should close the zip tight. Even if a snake comes in nothing can be done. Somehow we managed a night. We were supposed to stay the next day night but we didn’t bother to stay there.

Day 10: We started our game drive early in the morning. Went for a drive. Once again we had terrific time screwing an American. We went for a game drive we did spot some lions. Though we never got some clear shots. We did got some shots of an vulture and much birds. We did get some good shots of a elephant cub.After safari we have decided to vacate this place and go to Nairobi itself for the night stay coz we felt this place to be so scary and irritating. We went to lunch and there was a American who was shooting videos. He was being fooled by few guides. They kept saying” if u come with me ill show elephant around 2:30. “ that guy said “y not” . Funny guys as if the lions gonna stay there for hours. He was peethifying with his gear and photos. Our friend managed to go near him and said. “ we are from india” he said

“oh is it wat r u doing”

My friend said “ We came here to shoot wildlife”

He said “ oh show me ur shots. I did show my silhouette eagle shot and he was flattered “

We started to Nairobi and they did put up a room which was like shit,no AC,FAN,plug point,the toilets was even worser. We did go to an Indian restaurant spent fucking hefty money for that food. We did go for sleep hoping to catch the flight to india.

Day 11: This is our final day at Kenya. We packed the whole stuff waiting for the lift. Now we got a good news regarding current problem. We did carry all our luggage(my camera bag helllll) for some 6 floors. We went into airport and waited for screening. Last time Kenyan people asked us to open the luggage so we dumped out the tripod and I carried it to along with tons of luggage. After carrying these many luggage I started getting shoulder and back pain. We came back to dubai. While coming my dad got me a cellphone/wrist watch as present.

He did get it on in-flight duty free shop. The moment we got down. There was a big list of iteams written in a paper. All my relatives asked for some items and we did find shops to get them one by one. Finally all said and done. We went to chocolate counter and was surprised to see surya. Biggest surprise is nobody even cared or noted him. We got into the flight. This guy surya sat behind us. We travelled travelled and 4 hours have passed.Finally Chennai vanthachu. As obviously Customs peopleku ena patha ore kushi. I Passed my luggage into the scanning machine and 3 officers came running” hold that,get that,put mark” I said patient gentleman. I Have declared all those kits even before getting into Kenya airlines on day 1. So after formal enquiry they left me out. I Just got into our vehicle and switched on my phone. I Had a big big breath J. Kenya is now history J

Jai hind

Chubby Chandru

The Very First Post : My Mom

Intha blogla nenga ethir pakra arivu thiraimaiyana matter ethuvume irukathu. Apdi ethuna nenga ethir patha athuku na porupu ila 

Ivvlo Naala Nanum Yosicchen. Blogna Ena atha aen elarum vilunthu vilunthu eluthuranga? apdi ena than irukunu. One fine day kadaseela nanum bloggingku vanten 

Coming to my first post. This is about my mom. sweet mom. Who never let me grew further. she wakes me up. Scolds me to Take bath. reminds me to tie my watch,wear my shirt properlytake my car key,calls me by noon to remind about my lunch,things go smoother till she comes with a thing which i hate like anything. Manda Mela thati " Eruma mathiri iruka innum unaku thalaila enna theichuka theriyutha?". The process continues for a week. Next big job is Nail cutting. Same dialogue Repeatu . 

Update :6/8/09

I Was busy driving early in the morning. My mom called me. I tot something urgent pola. Picked it up.

Mom : Chandru Inniku ne Watch katiniya?


Chandru : katteten ma


Mom: Ozhunga paru nethu katuna watch inga than iruku?


Chandru : amma ithu kekava phone pana traffic ma .


Phone hangs up.


Police mama caught me.


Police : Thambi cell phone pesuna 1500 fine theriumla? Oorama niruthunga.


After REGULAR FORMALITIES. I made a call again to my mom.


Chandru : Ipo unaku santhsohama?


Mom : Nethu katuna watchu bed melaye kedanthuchenu keten .


Moral : Ammas akkarais are some times more fruitful to police mamas